Worldview Cafe

The Worldview Cafe is a monthly online meeting space in which you’re invited to explore your views and values, and inquire into the stories that guide your life. We’ll use simple but powerful methods that support you to have rich conversations with people you’ve just met, about topics that matter to you.

The cafe is free and open to all, but you do need to register beforehand.


This is a special ‘new years’ cafe where we’ll be looking back at the year that lies behind us, as well as look forward to the year that we’ve just entered.

We’ll first reflect on 2020 and how this year was for us: what were the major patterns and themes? If this year could talk, what was it trying to tell you? How did this year change your sense of yourself, your priorities in life, your hopes for the future, your appreciation of your loved ones? What did you lose, what did you gain, what did you learn?

And then we’ll look forward. What are your hopes and dreams for this year? What are you envisioning for yourself? And what beliefs or hidden commitments may be undermining you to follow through on your visions? What do you need to move into this year in the best way you can, given your current circumstances?


We start with a warm welcome, introduce the theme, explain the basic conversational techniques, and do a short mindfulness practice together. After that, we’ll break into small groups, of two or three people per break out room. This safe and intimate setting allows all of us to learn more about ourselves and others.

Simple exercises and powerful questions support us in this process. We’ll have at least half an hour of in depth conversation and exploration in these small groups. After that, we’ll meet with the whole group to exchange insights and experiences, and close the meeting.