Online lecture in a series on ‘Caring Conversations for Peace and Justice’

The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) envisions a world in which people with different backgrounds and circumstances are willing and able to recognise and address conflicts by nonviolent, constructive, and sustainable means. They do this in alignment with their principles of pluralism and complexity, partnership and nonviolence, creativity and reflexivity.

Their International Civilian Peacebuilding Training-Programme (IPT) has been running for almost 30 years and offers learning- and networking-opportunities through a variety of formats ranging from on-site courses to regional training offers or tailor-made training for specific communities or organisations. Last year they introduced the IPT Online Lecture Series, partially in a response to the limitations posed by Covid.

This year‘s IPT Online Lecture Series engages with questions of how we can navigate complexity in the face of poly-crisis and uncertainty on a glocal scale towards a more peaceful and just world. It invites us to dive deeper into certain aspects of the poly-crisis, such as power inequalities and the socio-ecological crisis, as well as to re-imagine identity and belonging.

Worldview Journeys founder Annick de Witt is the first lecturer in this series.