Ready for a mind-shift? Transformative learning in the planetary age

Our world is arguably in existential crisis. Numerous voices therefore emphasize the need for a more transformative education that calls for a questioning of assumptions and beliefs, and invites perspective shifts. In this interactive webinar, we will present an inspiring vision on transformative learning in the planetary age, grounded in our experience of developing the Educational Worldview Journey. This is a transformative learning intervention that students have received with enthusiasm and often a plethora of positive emotions – like a sense of hope, perspective, and connection.

What you’ll gain:
* Understand transformative learning & systems change
* Learn about exciting educational innovations
* Easily make your own teaching or learning more transformative
* Enjoy a fun taster of students’ favourite learning method
* Explore your own ideas about learning and change and discuss with others.

This is going to be fun, engaging, and highly interactive! Please join us 🙂