Why do the group worldview?

The group worldview is a service that allows you to discover (the distributions of) the major worldviews in your group, whether it’s a team of 35 people or an institution of 30.000.

It gives you a ‘sneak-peek’ into the cultural environment of your group. It shows you which worldviews are most present, as well as which are less well-represented. It’s like a cultural mirror.

The process is fun, engaging, and insightful. It invites people to reflect on the major beliefs, values, and assumptions that shape their interactions with the world. And it helps them realize that other people may come from fundamentally different mindsets.

It also offers opportunities for having meaningful conversations with each other. Through specifically designed, interactive exercises people get the chance to ‘digest’ and deepen what they’re learning. Time and again people tell us about the insights and lively interactions that emerge when engaging in these refreshing ways!

The worldview-test is based on extensive academic research and the worldviews used in this model have also been suggested by works in sociology, philosophy, and psychology.

How does it work?

After starting the group test, you’ll get a test-link, with which you invite your group to take the worldview-test. You can either do this at an event or meeting, inviting people to take the test on the spot, on their tablet or mobile device. Or you email or text-message your group so people can take the test in their own time.

People take the test anonymously, and receive their individual results right away. Our platform processes the group results, which you have access to once at least 10 people have filled out their responses.

You can either use these results for analytic purposes, and/or you can use them to engage in a dynamic, interactive learning process with your group.

Analytic purposes

If you want insight into the culture and worldviews of your group, you can invite your group over email and use the results for your analytic purposes. These results include (anonymous data on) demographics, the distribution of worldviews, and the responses to each question of the worldview-test.

This may be particularly useful in organizational, strategic, or change trajectories. This process can take place over a number of weeks, potentially culminating in an event where results are discussed and engaged with.

Engaging group process

Next to getting insight in your groups’ culture and worldviews, this service allows you to engage your group into a dynamic, interactive, and fun learning experience or ‘worldview journey’.

We offer a number of supporting materials, so you can lead your group through the process with ease, and facilitate engaging interactions between people. These materials include PDF’s, adaptable powerpoints, and soon we’ll add short video’s that explain:

  • what worldviews are
  • why exploring them is so potent
  • how to understand the test results
  • the meaning of the different worldviews
  • simple, interactive exercises to ‘digest’ and deepen

The duration of this process ranges from 1-3 hours. Taking the test only takes about 10 minutes. However, when you include a short introduction, the presentation and explanation of results, and opportunities for interaction, you quickly arrive at about an hour time minimally.

If you want to dive deeper with your group, you can easily extend this process to at least two or three hours. If you have less time, you can email the participants of your event or meeting beforehand, asking them to take the test in their own time.

In terms of preparation, you will need a few hours to take in the instruction materials and select the exercises that seem most fitting to your context and purposes.