Online learning

There are incredible advantages to online learning or e-learning. For one, people can engage in their own time and pace, in the comfort of their own home. The online set-up also enables learners to have access to teachers and topics they normally may not have, as the internet bridges the distance.

Real-time learning

Simultaneously, there is undeniably great value to ‘real-time’ learning. To being together in the same space and being able to engage directly, face to face.

Especially when the intent of our learning is not only to absorb information or skills (in-form-ation) but ‘a change in the form of our mind’ (trans-for-mation), then real-time learning seems to be the way to go. The exploration and social interaction between learners is simply hard to beat (or replace).

The best of both worlds

At Worldview Journeys we therefore develop online tools and programs that support educators, coaches, and facilitators to offer their students, clients, and audiences a real-time learning experience.

In this way, we aspire to bring the best of both worlds together. The high quality, comfort, low-cost, and environmental friendliness (no/less traveling) of the online set-up, combined with the profound learning possibilities that emerge in social exchange and interaction, supported by the groundedness and intimacy of being together in the same space, of real-time learning.

We also offer courses for interested individuals, and though these are completely online, we still make sure to integrate aspects of real-time, social learning and exchange, through grouping individuals over the internet. We also have a community platform for all our members and customers, to share their experiences, and learn from and with each other.