Worldview Journeys

Transformative learning 

We offer transformative learning journeys that examine worldviews, invite mind-shifts, and support people to evolve their ways of thinking, relating, and acting.

Worldviews are the ‘big stories’ through which humans make sense of, and give shape to, their experience and world.

Our journeys are science-based; fun, deep, and interactive; and usable across contexts, both online and on site.

Take the Test

What’s your worldview?

Take Group Test

Explore your group’s worldviews

Host learning event

Interactive & meaningful

Easily explore group results and facilitate deep learning. Create subgroups with maximum (or minimum) variety of perspectives, supporting people to dialogue across differences.

Explore worldviews

              Use Research Tools

Learn about the major worldviews in (Western) society today. Explore our database with results from people from more than 200 countries. Use Research Tools to conduct your own studies.

Come and hang out

Join a Worldview Cafe!

Explore your views and values in lively interaction with people from all over the globe. Have engaging conversations about the things that matter most.

Key features

  • Interactive

    Supporting exploration, interaction, & transformation.

  • Science-based

    Based in academic research & aspirational educational theory.

  • Customizable

    Usable in different settings & contexts. Easily adaptable.

  • Easy to use

    Supportive materials keep prep time low. Online & on site.

  • Serving the whole

    Inviting people to hold wider, even planetary perspectives.

Expected outcomes

Worldviews have world-shaping powers. Through exploring worldviews, our tools and programs can empower people to:

  • Take perspective on their perspective
  • Broaden their horizon
  • Question ingrained assumptions
  • Clarify values and renew purpose
  • Communicate across differences
  • Leverage different perspectives
  • Enjoy learning from and with each other

Exploring worldviews together may serve:

  • Group reflection and exploration
  • Finding common ground
  • Deep dialogue and creative learning
  • Teambuilding and collaboration
  • Inclusion of a diversity of perspectives
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Purpose renewal and systemic change

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