The Culture Scan offers you a snapshot of your group or organizational culture, through giving insight into the worldviews dominant within your group. The Culture Scan is also a powerful instrument for initiating processes of personal and cultural reflection, creative learning, lively interaction, and systemic change.

NB: The Culture Scan will formally launch this October. At the current time you can take a Culture Scan with your group, completely free of charge, and explore your group results on the platform. You will however not receive the report. More info on the launch will follow soon. Please sign up to our newsletter to be notified.

Analytic purposes

The Culture Scan allows you to discover the major worldviews in your group, whether it’s a team of 35 people or an institution of 30.000. You’ll receive an extensive report presenting your group results, including (anonymous) data on demographics, the distribution of worldviews, and the responses to each question of the Worldview Test.

This report also aids your analytic insight by suggesting questions to reflect on, and by connecting the worldviews to different organizational models. For organizations in particular, this supports understanding the cultural fit (or lack thereof) between the dominant worldview(s) in your organization, and the current (or aspired) organizational model. This may be especially useful when you’re aiming for organizational change.

Supporting creative learning and positive change

The process of taking the Worldview Test is fun and insightful, as it invites people to reflect on the beliefs and values that shape their interactions with the world. It also helps them realize that other people may come from fundamentally different mindsets. And it offers opportunities for having meaningful conversations with each other.

The report offers detailed suggestions for initiating a learning process or change trajectory with your group, using different methods for facilitating reflection, interaction, and transformation. With these suggestions, you can easily create a meaningful and fun one day event, exploring the results with your group, and using them to stimulate learning, empower the group culture, and develop initiatives that support your organization in its performance.

On the platform you’ll find additional supportive materials, including PDF’s, powerpoints, and short video’s.

How does it work?

After starting the Culture Scan, you’ll be given a unique link which you’ll send to anyone you want to participate. You can either do this at an (online or on site) event or meeting, asking people to take the test on the spot, or you email or text-message your group, so people can take the test in their own time.

People take the Worldview Test anonymously, and receive their individual results right away. You’ll be able to view the whole group’s results online once at least 10 people have submitted their responses. Additionally, you can download a PDF copy of the report for safekeeping at any time. This report offers you an overview of your groups’ results, what they mean, and how you can work with them.

The Worldview Test is based on extensive academic research and the worldviews used in this model have also been suggested by works in sociology, philosophy, and psychology.