We creatively use technology to scale transformative education, with the aim of greatly improving accessibility and affordability

  • Our learning interventions are designed with the intention to scale in mind.
  • The Educational Worldview Journey is a scalable, deeply researched transformative learning approach. In 2024 we will offer our first teacher training, enabling educators, trainers, and others to use it in their own contexts.
  • But also our online Worldview Cafes use technology to facilitate deep exchange between people with different views from across the planet. And anyone can come!

Seizing the opportunity of this time

The technological and online learning revolution offers great benefits and new opportunities, including dramatically improved accessibility and affordability of high-quality education. These developments therefore have profound emancipatory and transformative potential.

Simultaneously, it’s clear that learning “through screens” can entail great disadvantages that need to be carefully managed. We know for example that learning is optimized through interpersonal relationships, emotional connection, embodiment, and hands-on experiences.

We develop our learning tools aiming to harvest the benefits of technology while overcoming its drawbacks. While using video-lectures and an online platform, the heart of our approaches orient to highly interactive, live sessions (either online or on site), in which participants deeply engage with each other, using practices to generate deep learning while building human connections and understanding.