The Worldview Cafe is a monthly online meeting space in which you’re invited to explore your views and values, and inquire into the story that guides your life. We’ll use simple but powerful methods that support you to have rich conversations with people you’ve just met, about topics that matter to you.

These Cafes are different and fun! We started this initiative because people told us they wanted to keep talking about this (worldview) stuff. This made us realize how valuable such real and deep conversations can be!

The fact that we can have such profound talks, with people from different places in the world, while sitting in the comfort of our own homes, is actually amazing and a potential we felt we should harness.


The format is simple. We host a virtual meeting once a month in which anyone interested can participate. The meetings will last for 75 minutes. Every time there is a different theme that will guide our exploration.

We start with a warm welcome, introduce the theme, explain the basic conversational techniques, and do a short mindfulness practice together. After that, we’ll break into small groups, of two or three people per break out room. This safe and intimate setting allows all of us to learn more about ourselves and others.

Simple exercises and powerful questions support us in this process. We’ll have at least half an hour of in depth conversation and exploration in these small groups. After that, we’ll meet with the whole group to exchange insights and experiences, and close the meeting.


The cafe is free and open to all, but you do need to register beforehand.

We’ll keep on introducing new themes, exercises, and questions so the space stays alive, also for the repeat participant. For us it’s a great opportunity to explore what methods and questions are most helpful to facilitate self-discovery and generative conversation.

You can take the worldview-test before hand, and dive into some of the theme-related resources that we’ll offer, but it’s not necessary.

All you really need to do is show up with a curious mind and heart. You may be surprised and delighted by the depth of connection and conversation that emerges!