Worldview Journeys’ mission is to contribute to the great, planetary issues of our time, by supporting people to expand mindsets, regenerate cultures, and re-purpose systems. We do this through offering learning tools and leadership programs that bring awareness to the world-shaping powers of our worldviewsthe ‘big stories’ through which humans make sense of their experience and world.

Our tools and programs are science-based and designed to support reflection, interaction, and transformation. They can be used online and on site, by individuals and with groups, and in different contexts and settings.

They may support educators to host deep learning journeys, empower organisations to renew their organisational culture, or facilitate trainers to invite their groups into more meaningful conversations.

We aim to make our services available worldwide, easy to use, low in costs, and transformative and fun.

Bringing awareness to our worldviews is potent, as they have profound creative and world-shaping powers. As cultural historian Richard Tarnas puts it: “worldviews create worlds.”

Through exploring their worldviews, people are empowered to:

Expand mindsets

Exploring worldviews supports individuals to grow psychologically, by helping them ‘take perspective on their perspective’. Instead of being completely identified with their worldview, they learn to look at it. This broadens their horizon and creates room for multiple perspectives. The result is an expanded mindset with more possibilities for thought, choice, and action.

Regenerate cultures

Exploring worldviews enhances social relationships, by supporting people to have meaningful conversations. Through guided exchanges about their deeper views and values, people can find common ground and learn to appreciate the wisdom of other perspectives. This regenerates cultures as it supports constructive communication and creative collaboration.

Re-purpose systems

Exploring worldviews supports people to question, deepen, and/or renew the paradigms and purposes of their projects, systems, or organizations. Through a clarification of values and a renewed sense of purpose, motivation is mobilized and systems can be re-aligned. This way, system transformation can come about.

We offer ‘journeys’ into worldviews

Worldview Journeys offers explorative learning journeys into worldviews ~ that is, into our ‘big stories’, our fundamental frameworks of meaning and meaning-making. These journeys are science-based: based on insights emerging in contemporary academic fields, like the study of worldviews, developmental and positive psychology, educational theories, and sustainability and complexity science.

We don’t promote any particular worldview, nor a change of worldview, but we support people to explore their frameworks of meaning for themselves ~ in experiential, introspective, and interactive ways. This is why we refer to it as a journey. (Read more about our educational philosophy here.)

Participating in a journey means you get to walk the path. With awareness of your starting point, the luggage you bring, and the views you’re familiar with, you get the opportunity to explore other vistas. Like with a journey to a foreign country, you’re bound to come out different, enriched in perspective, with a broadened horizon.

We’re a learning organization

Worldview Journeys is a learning organization. We’re deeply committed to learn from the experiences of our users, keep on researching and testing our programs, and integrate newly emerging insights and needs. We work with different universities and organisations in order to accomplish this. You can read more here. We also heartily invite your experiences and feedback. In this way, we trust that our tools and programs can continue to offer the highest quality of experience to our users, and the best possible positive impact on our world.

Join us on the journey!