From the DG HochN’s website:

The Worldview Journey: A New Transformative Learning Format (online)

In this interactive session, Annick de Witt, Ph.D. will present the Worldview Journey – a new transformative learning approach aimed at exploring, exchanging, and expanding worldviews. This approach builds on her extensive research into worldviews and sustainability, and has been developed in creative collaboration with Utrecht University, where it has been tested with at least 2.000 students.

The approach has proven successful in creating deep learning spaces that support existential reflection and open-mindedness as well as meaningful dialogue and connectedness amongst students. It has been designed to scale and can be used in a variety of group learning and change-making contexts. Come to the session to learn more and to experience the Worldview Journey’s most celebrated learning methods first-hand. Will be fun and different!

Note: This session will be hosted in English. Annick’s work has influenced the DG HochN’s approach to the transformation of higher education.

Registration is not needed; just use the zoom-link below!