Transforming Futures – Cultivating a mindset shift towards SDGs in Business Schools.

This keynote address delves into the urgent need for a paradigm shift within business schools to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a foundational element of their curriculum and culture. It highlights the pivotal role that academic institutions play in molding the next generation of business leaders, stressing the importance of integrating sustainability into the core of business education. Through a compelling narrative, the speaker will outline strategies for cultivating a sustainability mindset among students, faculty, and administrators, thereby transforming them into proactive agents of change in the global business landscape. The presentation will explore innovative teaching methods, interdisciplinary approaches, and practical engagements with the business community, all aimed at embedding the values and objectives of the SDGs into every aspect of business education. By fostering a deep-seated commitment to sustainability, this keynote aims to inspire business schools worldwide to lead by example and contribute significantly to the achievement of the SDGs, ultimately transforming futures for generations to come.

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Global Forum originated in 2008 as an event intended to bring together all of PRME’s stakeholders: students, faculty, deans, board members, and others, in discussion about the latest innovations and challenges in responsible management education.

The 2024 PRME Global Forum’s strategic vision is to accelerate the global collective impact of responsible management education while also serving as a space to learn and connect with passionate stakeholders. It will bring together all walks of life from business, academia, the United Nations, the public sector, and the PRME community to accelerate the positive impact responsible management and business education is making on the leaders of tomorrow.