In this online lecture/masterclass you’ll hear the story of the Educational Worldview Journey – a new transformative learning approach that invites students to explore, exchange, and expand their worldviews – developed in collaboration with Utrecht University.

This approach consists of three short (± 4 – 6 hours each) but deep learning journeys that invite students to reflect, converse deeply, dig deeper, and look with fresh eyes at the ‘eyes’ (i.e., worldviews) they tend to look with. We’ll also discuss the challenges we’ve run into while developing this program, as well as how you may benefit from it in your own teaching.

We’ll discuss:
– Our transformative pedagogy
– Our simple yet powerful learning methodologies
– How we work with the ‘problem of worldviews’
– How students have responded, and what we’ve learned from that
– How your own teaching may benefit (including a teacher training aimed at facilitating this approach).

This event will consist of a presentation (± 30 minutes) and time for questions and discussion (± 30 minutes).

You can find more information here.

You can sign up here.

NB This event has been moved from Tuesday January 23rd to Tuesday January 30th, 8-9 pm CET, due to illness.