This training guides you through the Worldview Journey, while offering you the resources to successfully facilitate it with your own participants

Tuesday April 23rd – May 7th – May 21st – June 4th – June 18th – July 9th 2024.

  • The Educational Worldview Journey consists of three short but deep learning journeys (of ± 4 – 6 hours each) that invite learners to explore, exchange, and expand their worldviews.
  • The program has been developed in close collaboration with Utrecht University. Multiple articles reporting our design and research have been published or are forthcoming;
  • The program is fun, dynamic, and interactive – and has been received very well by university students and online participants alike.

  • The program is supported by excellent learning resources, including video-lectures, a travel journal, and an online learning platform, as well as a teacher manual.
  • In five live sessions, combined with some preparatory work in your own time, you’ll experience the complete Journey, while also getting guidance on how to offer (parts of) it to your own students or participants.
  • The sessions are recorded for those who can’t make it, and absent participants will be paired to they can self-organize to do the interactive exercises together.
  • Next to educators and trainers, this training is for anyone curious to explore, exchange, and expand their worldviews; discover powerful new learning methods; and contemplate what role they want to play at this critical time for humanity.

Some words from students about the Worldview Journey

“It was intriguing and self-actualising.”

“I thought that these were extremely interesting exercises and really appreciated how thought-inducing the entire process was.”

“It was wonderful. I felt a plethora of emotions … and it also invoked a sense of belonging in the sense that I am not alone in this world…”

“To be honest, I didn’t expect a lot about this beforehand. However, I thought it was really interesting to participate!”

“Great! Made me self-reflect quite a lot and start meaningful conversations with several people.”

“It helped me feel part of something bigger than me and also helped me understand the multiple possibilities in life.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the worldview journey.” 

What you can expect to get out of this training:

  • A deep, personal learning Journey that will likely shift – subtly though significantly – how you understand the world and yourself, your life and your relationships, and your place and role in the larger whole, including:
    • A reassessment of your worldview, where it came from, how it has changed throughout your life, and how you can or want to keep evolving it;
    • An examination of how you relate to other worldviews, as well as strategies to cultivate open-mindedness, curiosity, and a growth mindset;
    • An inquiry into how you relate to nature and the planet at large, supporting you to draw on larger perspectives to expand your existing views.
  • Knowledge of, and experience with, transformative learning methods and practices (i.e., inquiry, stream-of-consciousness, perspective-taking, journaling);
  • A good understanding of the theory of transformative learning, including how you can facilitate such learning in your own contexts (i.e,  the basics of skilful facilitation);
  • A transformative learning approach to use in your own context – either as complete package or by adopting your favorite elements, methods, or content – including a year-long access to all learner resources and the platform;
  • A certificate for facilitating the Educational Worldview Journey (after completion);
  • A community – meaningful connections with fellow pioneers from diverse contexts, organisations, and universities across the globe.

More about the instructor of this training

Annick de Witt (Ph.D.) is a researcher, educator, facilitator, and the director of Worldview Journeys. She has a broad background in sustainability transformation, and is affiliated with Utrecht University. Her research into worldviews resulted in many publications and a new, research-based worldview-measurement, which is used as educational instrument across the globe.

These days, Annick is particularly interested in contributing to the ‘education of the future’, in the context of our complex and crisis-ridden world. She has developed the Educational Worldview Journey in collaboration with colleagues from Utrecht University, extensively piloting it to optimize its transformative value for students, and its usefulness for educators.

Annick is also a passionate speaker and skilled facilitator, with more than two decades of experience in diverse transformative approaches, including the Art of Hosting, the Work that Reconnects, the Ridhwan School’s Inquiry practice, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and practices like yoga and mindfulness.

This is a special, one-time offer!

Because this is the first time, this training will be offered as pilot, for a pilot-price, and accompanied by extensive evaluation-research (i.e., we’ll afterwards invite participants to fill out a reflective survey and participate in a focus-group). On top of this special pilot-price, we also offer a reduced early bird fee until March 15th!