When you receive the mixed worldview results it means you did not score high on any of the four worldviews that we have reliably found in our data, as well as in more general sociological, philosophical, and psychological research and analysis. There are multiple reasons why this could be the case.

It could be a result of measurement-problems. The statements in the worldview-test are sometimes interpreted differently by different people. It may be so that you actually recognize and identify with one of the worldviews in our model, but just didn’t score accordingly due to differing interpretations.

It is therefore worthwhile to explore the four worldviews, and ask yourself the question whether any of these worldviews ring true for you. Sometimes taking the test again, before or after learning more about these worldviews, can also be helpful.

You could also find yourself ‘in between’ two worldviews, transitioning for example from traditional to modern, or from postmodern to integrative. Again, reading through the worldview-descriptions may help you determine what worldview(s) ‘feel’ to be most true for you, and/or what the transition is that you are experiencing.

Another option is that our model and understanding completely misses out on your worldview, and that the research and analysis so far has just not adequately recognized this way of understanding the world.

Since we aim to keep on improving our worldview-test and model, we’d love to hear from you on what you think happened with your results, and how you would describe your worldview. Your input is of high value to us, and enormously appreciated! If you want to give us some feedback and answer some questions, please click here.