Online and on site learning

There are incredible advantages to online learning or e-learning. For one, people can engage in their own time and pace, in the comfort of their own homes. The online set-up also enables learners to have access to teachers and topics they normally may not have, as the internet bridges the distance.

Simultaneously, there is undeniably great value to on site learning ~ to being together in the same space and being able to engage directly, face to face. As the sciences of education show, the exploration and social interaction between learners is crucial to the learning process.

At Worldview Journeys we develop tools and programs that can be used both online and on site. In alignment with our educational philosophy, our tools and programs put great emphasis on social interaction, dialogue, and shared exploration, as well as on introspection and self-exploration ~ additional to the delivery of powerful content and knowledge.

Due to the possibility of break-out rooms as offered by current video conferencing technologies, our specifically designed exercises supporting this vital social learning and exchange can be used both online and on site. Thus, while some of our tools and programs may be exclusively used in an online context, they still allow for deep, socially embedded learning.