Latest Past Events

Online Teacher Training

This will be the first Worldview Journey online teacher training! In four live sessions, combined with some preparatory work in your own time, you will experience the complete Educational Worldview Journey, while also getting guidance on how to offer this Journey to your own students or participants.

Phenomenal Conversation with Dave Pendle

Phenomenal Conversation with Dave Pendle Though I've never participated in one of Dave's phenomenal conversations, I imagine they are indeed phenomenal. I recently met Dave through a mutual friend and we ended up going on a lovely walk through Utrecht this Spring. Our connection was instantaneous and we discovered many shared interests. What also stood […]

Keynote at PRME Global Forum

Transforming Futures - Cultivating a mindset shift towards SDGs in Business Schools. This keynote address delves into the urgent need for a paradigm shift within business schools to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a foundational element of their curriculum and culture. It highlights the pivotal role that academic institutions play in molding the […]