Worldview Journeys operates on the edge of science and society. We develop our tools and programs to serve society, including individuals, educators, organisations, consultants, and change-initiatives. At the same time, these tools and programs are science-based as well as studied in an academic context.

For this purpose, we’ve established exciting collaborations with multiple academic institutions. These include the Copernicus Institute at Utrecht University, and the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group at Wageningen University, both in the Netherlands.

Through these collaborations, we develop our educational initiatives, study their (transformative) impacts, and write academic works that report what we’re learning. For example, we’ve developed the Worldview Journey in collaboration with Copernicus Institute, and we’re currently in the process of reporting its outcomes.

Simultaneously, we aim to serve further research into worldviews. The Worldview Testing platform and its ever-expanding global database on worldviews offers excellent possibilities for this. Over time, this may also help us improve the Worldview Test itself. With our offering of Research Tools, we also serve external researchers to include the dimension of worldviews into their studies in an easy and affordable manner.